Little Miss Program

Has your daughter ever told you she wants to be a Princess?

You can make her dreams come true!

If she is in 1st grade entering 2nd, she is eligible to participate in the Delano Royalty’s Little Miss Program.
In June there will be an early evening meeting with the judges. The interview with the judges will be one girl at a time sitting with the judges as they ask her a few questions. This is going to be very informal as we want the girls to feel very comfortable with the judges. The judges will ask questions such as:
  • Why do you want to be a princess?
  • Are you excited to wear a dress and crown?
  • Would you like to ride the float with the Royalty and wave to people watching?
By asking these questions and a few others we just want to make sure your daughter is excited to be a part of our program and will be a great addition to the Delano Royal Ambassadors. The judges will choose two girls to be crowned Little Miss and the girls will be crowned at the main Coronation Event this year.
I’m sure you are wondering your part as parents in this. If crowned, the girls are only required to be in the Delano 4th of July Parade, riding on our float with the older girls and any other appearances are up to them. They will also be invited to attend other parades such as: Rockford, Buffalo, Montrose, and other communities. These parades are your choice if you want to attend, as it will be your responsibility to get your daughter there and chaperone her until she is on the float ready for the parade to start, and be there to chaperone her when the parade is over. There will also be community events that we may ask her to attend, as we believe you are never too young to start volunteering.
After your daughter is crowned on coronation, there will be a parent information meeting before the 4th of July celebration kicks off to inform you of proper attire for the girls, other rules and guidelines.
Please download  THIS APPLICATION and e-mail to the Delano Royalty Organization by May 24th.
If you have any questions or comments please us at