Upcoming Events

Summer Events – 2019

-June 9th: Etiquette class and candidate interviews

-June 15th: Little Miss Ambassador judging event

-June 18th: Meet the Candidates, 7:00pm, Middle School Auditorium – Open to the Public!

-July 3rd: Royalty Banquet

-July 3rd: Delano Royalty Coronation, 6:30pm, Delano Municipal Ball Field @ Central Park – Open to the Public! 


~Here’s a sampling of some of the great events we will attend in the fall!~

September Events

-Dassel Red Rooster Days Parade, Dassel, MN

-Defeat of Jesse James Days Parade, Northfield, MN

-Made in the Shade Volunteer event, Minneapolis, MN

Made in the Shade is a walk, run and roll fundraising event in support of children and adults with disabilities.

-Delano’s Oktoberfest Celebration, Delano, MN

November Events

-Crowning Achievements Pageant, St. Croix Valley Area, MN-WI